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The machines can cut parts with a size of 4000x3000mm and a thickness of up to 200mm. With the help of our machines and cutting heads, your every request can be realized in a short time. Waterjet cutting is a cold process, so there are no zones of local hardening and hardening of the material as is the case with laser or plasma cutting. There are no significant deformations of the material during cutting, so the client gets a perfectly shaped part without deformations and residual stresses due to the heat of cutting and uneven cooling. In most cases, no post-processing is required. It is easily possible to cut materials that are practically impossible to achieve with other methods (for example: glass, ceramics, hardened materials, composite materials and various shapes according to the design of an architect or sculptor). The processing is computer controlled, so it is possible to cut any shape of the part in almost any material. Using a modern computer program for the arrangement of elements on the board, with the minimum width of the cut, the maximum saving of material is achieved.


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