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High Quality, Good Tolerances and Quick Production

Our team can create plastic products up to a maximum size of 2.2m x 1.2m x 1.0m in a wide range of colour matched sheet material ranging from 0.1mm to 6mm in thickness in small to medium series.

We build thermoforming parts for an ever expanding number of industries.


Utilising a combination of our in-house tool making facilities and our key external partners, we are able to manufacture a range of tooling from the simplest, low cost prototype tool to complex semi-automated, CAD/ CAM machined tools

Craftsman & technology combined

Ptototype tooling

Machined from model board, with the benefit of quick lead times.

We can interpret a range of design cues from a basic idea, bringing it to life, fully-functioning.

We have a range of innovative solutions to meet a variety of needs for customers from different market areas.

Cast Aluminium production tooling

Offers superior thermal properties, and can be easily modified.


We combine traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology.

Resin production tooling

Provides improved surface finish for clear components, and for medium-quantity or one-off purchase requirements


The materials that can be thermoformed in our factory are the following:








Trimming & finishing

Once the formed part has cooled and been removed from the machine the excess material is removed. Holes, slots and cut-outs are then drilled into the part. Other post-forming processes include decoration, printing, strengthening, reinforcing and assembly.


A variety of different trimming methods are used to trim the product from the sheet. The type of equipment best suited depends largely on the type of cut, size of the part, draw ratio, thickness of material and the production quantity required. Thin gauge parts are normally trimmed on a mechanical trim press – otherwise known as a rollerpress.

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