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Laser cutting and CNC bending

Simply put, laser cutting uses an infra-red laser beam to cut a wide variety of materials. The lens concentrates all the energy from the laser onto a single point on the material, making it melt quickly – the gases are then used to remove it. Gases can be oxygen and nitrogen, and the most suitable gas is chosen based on the type of material being cut. Laser cutting is a popular cutting choice for many companies due to its extremely high level of accuracy, speed and relatively low cost of the cut parts. Contact us to find out more – we look forward to talking with you and being able to help you.

Our 3.5KW CO2 laser is among the most advanced CO2 lasers and can process steel up to 20mm thick and aluminum up to 8mm thick. CO2 lasers are a traditional method of cutting sheets with a laser beam. Our Fiber laser represents the latest technology in fiber lasers, and in addition to the traditional materials of steel, aluminum, prochrome, it can also cut copper and brass sheets.

We are able to cut a wide range of materials – some of the most common types of materials we cut are listed below.


Carbon steel

Stainless steel



However, if you have a special request, do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.


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