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The tooling process begins based on the drawings submitted by the customer, which can be in 3D, 2D drawing or be designed based on customer requirements. The following steps are the development of construction tools, the production of components of the tool, assembly, and testing of the safety and functionality on our injectors. During the entire process the customer can be informed of every stage of development tools. Our workshop is fully equipped, so that we can produce all kinds of tools small,medium and big size. Upon completion of construction, tool testing on our injectors and deliver customer test pieces for verification.



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In our plants for plastics injection moulding, a products of superior quality are produced to the highest manufacturing standards of the European Union, which are widely used in auto, sports, electrical, mechanical and other industries We are able to fulfill all the requirements of our customers at the optimum time at very affordable prices. We use state of the art machinery to produce the closing forces from 20 to 1000 tons, with possibilitie of processing all types of plastic PE, PP, PS, ABS, PA6/PA6.6, POM, PMMA, PC, PPO, with and without the fiber content up to 50%, In the department of plastic injection we can perform “decorative molding” – In mold labeling, Chrome plating of ABS/PC plastic (chrome, satin, gold, brushed nickel and chrome) which is the latest technology of injection, with investment label that substitute direct printing.

Prototype injection molding

Is your plastic part ready for series production? Our high-quality injection moulded plastic parts from series material provide concrete answers – without investing in an expensive series tool. Thanks to our innovative production process, you can hold your injection moulding prototype in your hands within a short space of time and check the construction and design for the appropriate series production.

Small series injection molding

Does your need for plastic parts not justify the costly and laborious creation of a series tool? Depending on the type of materials used, we can produce quantities of 50,000+ injection moulded parts on our high-quality tools. And even with several aluminium tools, there is usually a cost advantage over commissioning a steel series tool. You can flexibly cover your annual requirement for injection moulded parts and supply your customers with our small series injection moulding.

Pre-production injection molding

Do you need a specific number of plastic parts at short notice? Your series tool is not going to be ready in time? We support you in the economical production of injection moulded parts in series production quality – and bridge the time between prototyping and the completion of the series tool with efficient bridge tooling. That’s how you shorten your product’s market entry time with injection moulded parts from priomold.

Insert technologies

Insert technology has proven itself as a method for prototype and small series production with low peripheral complexity: Prefabricated metal parts (inserts) are inserted by hand and overmoulded with thermoplastic materials in the process. Common inserts are threaded inserts, sheet metal parts or plug contacts for hybrid injection moulded parts. Thanks to our modern machines, we can map sealing zones in high quality and avoid unwanted overfeeding.


We offer our customers all types of assembling and finishing subassemblies and assemblies at a special equipment and machines in ideal conditions. Subassemblies and assemblies for mounting of parts manufactured in our factory as well as from parts supplied by the customer or by ourselves as a replacement for the customers. Assembly departments are devided into two sectors: sector for automated assembly, and sector for manual assembly. Sector for manual assembly is focused on the demanding assembly projects, where is necessary to pay attention on the entire business process from the materials input, assembly, checking of quality and final packaging and distribution. Sector for automated assembly uses machines for product assembling, which allows automatic assembly both for larger and smaller amounts.

ESD - working places to assemble electronic components into plastic part​


Ultrasonic welding (metal/plastic - plastic/plastic)

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