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We deliver: 

                   -  Tools

                           -  Technical parts


Tool workshop

Our professional staff with many years of expertise based upon your designs or tool samples is able to produce high quality tools for die casting. We have all the necessary equipment for modern tool maintenance.

To create the tools we use conventional and CNC machines, drills, grinders, and EDM machines. Prior to delivery tools are being tested. Deliveries of the tools and samples are done according to pre-agreed delivery schedule

Aluminum Die casting

Production of aluminum casted parts with weights up to 6 kg. We produce 1,300 tons of products per year. In the process we use the following aluminum alloys:

    • EN AC 46000 (226D),

    • EN AC 47100 (231D),

    • EN AC 43400 (239D).


Foundry disposes sophisticated equipment from world renowned manufacturers in the field of die casting. It has seven fully automated casting cells, as follows:

    • 2 foundry cell Bühler Evolution 53 D,

    • 3 foundry cell Bühler Classic B 66 D,

    • 4 foundry cell Bühler Classic B 84 DV.


Beside the production of precision castings ready for installation, we have a machine park for processing castings. According to your request and documentation we can create the most complex parts and assemblies made of aluminum and steel.

Continued investment in our machines and control of all stages of production enable machining processing exactly according to your specifications and requirements including the required precision machining processing and quality machined surface.

Our machine park disposes lathes, multi-axis, horizontal and vertical machining centers.

Post processing

In the process of post processing , we use following machines:

  1. Rossler Z1000 – vibratory finish,

  2. SGH - shot blasting,

  3. Rossler RHBE 9/3 – shot blasting,

  4. 2 X Silberhorn Multiline – washing machine.

Powder coating

Above mentioned service we perform

Electrostatic politicization, respectively powder coating is a modern method of coloring and protection of all metals.

Our process is without the use of thinner and heavy metals. We use powder for indoor and outdoor usage is in all RAL and special colors.

Besides to the first class service we also provide and expert advice.

Quality management


  1. 3D coordinate measuring machine Wenzel LH65,

  2. Optical scanner Gom Atos.  


We examine the material with the following devices:

  1. Spectrometer Spectro – analysis of chemical elements,

  2. X – ray Bosselo SRC90CNC – Porosity control,

  3. Emco Test N3A - hardness.

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