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Tool workshop

We have the capacity to produce, with great precision, tools of various shapes, forms, and sizes of up to 1.000 mm x 600 mm. For the production of our own tools, we using only top of the line components from reliable and reputable suppliers such as HASCO, BÖHLER, FIBRO, MEUSBURGER etc.

Our advantage is experience and expert knowledge of solving all problems connected to both sample and mass production.

All of the tools we use in the production of rubber, silicone ( LSR and HTV ) and plastic products are manufactured in our own state of the art toolroom. This practice guarantees high quality of our final products, and creates optimal conditions for the production of new products.

We are offering manufacture of: 


  • Mold for pressed rubber (classical)

  • Molds for injection molding

  • Molds/Dies for extrusion of profiles

  • Tools for joining of extruded rubber profiles


Except molds for high series production, to our clients we are offering manufacturing of test (prototype) molds. Using our experience there a lot od projects where the final (rubber) product is not completely defined due to big quantities (need for mold with many cavities), than what type of rubber mixture, as well as the concept of material flow and finalization of the mold construction. Reducing of the period for definition of the problematic aspects, when we have this kind of project, in agreement with clients first we manufacture test mold with very small number of cavities, as we could define basic parameters and to avoid additional modifications and unclear points during manufacturing of the mold for serial production.

After manufacturing of the mold we are offering try-out of the mold to be made on our machines for molded rubber or extruded profiles, as well as with advices for processing of the molds and maintenance of the mold.


Rubber products

Currently, we have more than five hundred rubber products in our production program.

We cover industrial areas such as: automotive, engineering, construction, agriculture, power generation, etc., with the following product groups:

  • Wheels

  • Products with the rubber and metal connection

  • Products with the rubber and plastic connection

  • Rubber powder bumper

  • Rubber cuffs

  • Sealing rubber elements

  • Rubber membranes

  • Different types of rubber capsules, etc.

  • Rubber hoses for distribution of air and other fluids in vehicles

  • Rubber products in combination with metal parts;

  • Seals and other technical rubber parts.

We can process varius material types: EPDM, NR, NBR, SBR, CR,AEM, Sylicone.

Production series ranging from 100 - 10.000.000 /year

The pieces weigh is from 0.5 g to 10 kg 

We have specially trained staff engaged in finishing, 100% control and packing of end-products

HTV silicone products

HTV quality or high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber is used in the compression moulding press. Special silicone rubber materials are chosen based on their intended use, weather they need to be fire, oil or heat resistant. Food and medical qualities have FDA and BFR approvals.

HTV silicone has been widely used to replace petrochemical products in all industries including aerospace, munitions industry, automobile, fine chemicals, construction, electric and electronics, food processing, mechanical engineering, medical and pharmaceutical, cosmetics, home appliances, paper film, solar batteries, and semi conductor. Recently, the scope of silicone application has been expanding at a greater speed.

LSR silicone products

Liquid Silicone Rubber with it’s low compression set, fast cure cycles, great stability and ability to resist extreme temperatures of heat and cold makes it ideally suitable for the production of parts where high quality is a must. Unlike most thermoplastic elastomers, LSR remains flexible and elastic down to -60o C and retains its properties up to 200o C. In addition to these qualities, the wide range of hardness and colors, silicone elastomers have become the material of choice for an ever increasing amount of applications.

Typical applications for liquid silicone rubber are products that require high precision such as seals, sealing membranes, electric connectors, multi-pin connectors, infant products where smooth surfaces are desired, such as bottle nipples, medical applications as well as kitchen goods such as baking pans, spatulas, etc.

TPE products

TPE elastomer products are being used in consumer products, industrial products, medical device components, electrical products and in almost every other industry. Industrial, electronics, and medical OEMs are using TPE to combine housing and sealing components into one, increasing efficiency and reducing manufacturing costs. Vibration dampers and valve/pump combination components also utilize TPE elastomers.

TPE elastomer products have evolved; and TPE materials are made with better elasticity, surface COF, more colors, higher tear strength, more bondability to other substrates and higher heat performance. Many of these properties have improved, but there are still properties that only rubber can deliver.

Injection molding technoligy

We have capacities for production of rubber, LSR (liquid silicone) and plastic parts using injection molding technology with our available equipment.

We own six machines for rubber injection with the possibility to produce rubber parts from 0.05 g to 600 g per piece.

We own 5 machines for LSR injection molding with the set of the same number of automatic dozers as well as color dozers. The sizes of the pieces we are able to produce are from 0.05 g to 150 g per piece.

We own 6 machines for plastic mass injection of the clamping force from 25t to 400t. We have the capacity to produce plastic pieces weighting from 1g to 1.5kg depending on the pieces geometry.


We offer our customers the option of assembling products constructed by them. Customers also have the option of delivering to us their own assembly components. At customer’s request, we can acquire the necessary assembly components or we can construct them in our own factory. Our skilled staff are well trained for assembling components for the electric power automotive and agricultural industry.

What we offer our customers:

  • Quick, elegant and precise solutions

  • Compliance with international standards and norms

  • Skilled and motivated staff

  • 100% certified quality

  • High flexibility

Our goal:

  • Reducing production and purchasing expenses

  • Optimizing the chain of production

  • Increasing our customers’ competitiveness

  • Increasing our customers’ working capital


The base of the quality of our products and rubber compounds is the central laboratory for physical and mechanical testings of finished products / raw materials.

Modern equipment and competent experts guarantee the precision and reliability of the preformed tests.

We are able to perform large types of tests in our laboratory:

  • Specific density – DIN 53 479

  • Abrasion – ISO 4649, DIN 53 516

  • Viscosity – ISO 289-1, DIN 53 523

  • Aging – ISO 188

  • Ozone – ISO 1431, DIN 53 509

  • Rheometar curve – DIN 53 509, DIN 53 529-3

  • Tear resistance – ISO 34, DIN 53 504

  • Tensile strength – ISO 34, DIN 53 504

  • Compression set – ISO 815, DIN 53 517

  • Hardness (IRHD and Shore A) – ISO 868, DIN 53 505,  ISO 48, DIN 53 519

  • Electrical conductivity – ISO 1853

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