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Precision maschinig

 We cover any precise demands:

- Turning (dia. 0,8 - 450 mm)

- Milling (horisontal, vertical)

- Drilling (jig and pillar)

- Grinding (external circular, bed griniding, centerless)

- Weldig (TIG, MIG, MIG-MAG, Spot)

- Erosion (WIre, Spark)

- Engraving (Laser, Electrolytic etching)

- Sheet metal punching and bending

- Assembly department



- Aluminium

- Stainless steel

- Tooling steel

- Brass

- Bronze

- Plastic

Superalloys: Inconel, Hastelloy, Titanium



Gears, sprockets, worms, axes, ...

We are engaged in production of all types of gears, sprockets, worms and worm gears, axes and other spare parts for all types of industries.

We produce spare parts of different dimensions, modules and characteristics for:

  • automotive industry (parts of axes and gearboxes for buses, trolley buses, trams, trucks);

  • mechanical industry (all types of spare parts for mechanical equipment);

  • coal mining industry (parts of reductors, belt and chain conveyors);

  • agriculture (parts for all type of agricultural plants and equipment);

  • . . . as well as all types of spare parts made of steel, bronze, brass, plastic, textolite for chemical, rubber and other industries.


It is possible to produce the elements according to a delivered sample and to technical documentation.

Attestation of materials is delivered with the products, attestation of thermal processing as well as measuring list of our exit control.


We are making gearboxes by request of buyers, based on output strength and rpm.

Making quality gearboxes in our company is possible using the high technology that is followed by technologically specialized machines. With the right choice of good materials and fine processing the inside of gearbox, our gearboxes are compact, with small weight and big strength transfer at the same time. Inside of gearbox is made of steel for cementation, with gear grinding.

We make spare parts, big dimension gears and reparation of old gearboxes for:

  • ironworks, power plants, quarries…

  • transport systems (cranes, elevators)

  • building machines (excavators, bulldozers CAT, JCB, O&K, loaders…)

  • graphic machines (gears, rag wheels, cylinderers)

  • food industry (bakery, dairy)

  • agro-machines (harvesters)

Steering and suspension products

Steering products:


Ball joints and tie rods are the elements of controlling/operating system of motor vehicles.
The connection between the control mechanism with wheels to be controlled is realized via the transmission mechanism consisting of joints and tie rods.
The main function of joints on the vehicle is binding elements of the steering system in order to achieve control of the vehicle.

Suspenion products:


Torque rods, stabilizers, repair kits are elements of suspension of motor vehicles.
Provided elements connect axles of the motor vehicle with chassis and their main function is to carry out guiding of axles.

Production process


The practice of undertaking many control safety cycles that are properly organized around technological and productive processing of hot forging, thermal and mechanical treatments, deformation treatment, assembling, lacquer coating and testing by regular procedures, means, ranges and rhythms – repeated many times and by all these manners evidencing the same characteristics of the safety parts, eliminate every possibility of appearance of unpleasant functional surprises.

Anti-corrosive protection

Most of the materials used in metalwork are subject to corrosion. Several types of anti-corrosive protections are used to protect components from corrosion. In some cases it is sufficient to use an appropriate oil as a protection, in other cases some anti-corrosive material must be applied. Our most common anti-corrosive protections are zinc plating, spray painting and plastic dust coating.

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