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Facts that matter

  • Location
    All our facilities are in Southeast of Europe, we are very close to you. If you need quick action, we are able to respond and deliver. We offer same day dispatch which means you receive it in a matter of hours. Bulk orders, for instance, might get you free shipment or we might be able to combine different orders to reduce costs.
  • Supplier group
    Todeco has developed a close business relationships with skilled and reliable producers of variety of manufacturing technologies. Benefits of such an approach are: We can handle larger demand, larger number of different products and fulfill it all in the same, parallel and quick time without quality compromise. No risk if one supplier goes out of business or struggling to meet time or demand, Todeco has quick solution. Quick on boarding speed which means no production slow down or unwanted cost.
  • Materials, raw materials
    We have capabilities to use domestically produced materials either for plastic parts or any type of casting parts and specified alloys. Relevant companies, foundries are very close to us.
  • Customer satisfaction
    At Todeco group our costumers are always in the focus of our actions. Therefore our goals are oriented towards the requirement and the satisfaction. For the realisation of those objectives, we work inter divisional and fair with all involved parties to ensure best combination of performance, delivery and efficiency.
  • Responsibility for quality
    Achieving quality targets is an indispensable condition for us. Our customers can rely on us as partner who deliver reliability and in due time.
  • Supplier development
    Experience, skilled employees, efficiency, innovative approach make us ready to become a supplier to work with in a long term , economical effective, open and fair way. We are focused on both partnerships with small to medium and with global acting companies. We are welcoming possibility to discuss and take on different approach and ideas.
  • Knowledge transfer, fairness and transparency
    At Our relationships are characterized by an open and fair contact with each other. Received documents, prices and conditions are treated as strictly confidential. Implementation of customer's objectives, project status, performance, quality and logistic is regularly communicated and agreed - with us, you are always “in the picture“.
  • Project acceptance with responsibility
    We accept a project/contract only if we are able to achieve the customer's objectives and bring about commercial success. We maintain an active and open dialogue with our customers followed by clear decisions.
  • Cultural openness
    Be it corporate culture or country-specific culture, cultural openness means more than just tolerance or acceptance to us. Through perspective taking and natural curiosity, we strive to understand and learn. This applies both to the cooperation with our partners as well as our customer relations.
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